A press brake operator turned into a development manager: “Teamwork pushes us forward”


I've worked at almost all the different stages of the production process, from designing laser cutting to transmission. I first came to SLP in 2007 through a staffing company to work as a press brake operator. During my undergraduate studies, I worked evenings, vacations, and weekends, and after graduation, I started on the design team. Occasionally I would substitute as a production foreman or elsewhere if needed. All this has given me a good perspective for my current position as a development manager. 

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In the past years I’ve become familiar with jig design, product and process development, and human resources management. Sometimes the work is challenging but also rewarding. I enjoy the challenges, and the fact that we can move things forward with good cooperation and teamwork. I’ve been happy with SLP as an employer. We get constructive feedback and praise for successful projects – and coworkers here are the best, you’ll always find a helping hand when needed.

Samuli Havukainen, development manager