Delivery precision 99,7 % even during a global pandemic


Swedish high-efficiency forest machine producer Eco Log values SLP as a critical partner in their value chain.

Demanding sheet metal products for Swedish Eco Log and its high-efficient forest machines have gotten their shape at SLP’s hands since 2017.

– We wanted to form a long-term relationship with an industrial level producer of complex thin-dimension steel plate products, Alan Anderson, director of procurement of the Eco Log Group AB, describes the origins of cooperation.

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SLP has produced Eco Log hydraulic fuel tanks and chassis engine hoods, along with other sheet metal plate products. Over the years SLP has grown from being a supplier to a committed partner offering their manufacturing knowledge to help Eco Log even in product development.

 – SLP is a very skilled supplier, adept at suggesting and implementing product improvement and helpful in working with our technicians to initiate those changes, Anderson says.

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– As we develop new machine models, we see SLP being an integral part of that process and us increasing our cooperation with the company.

 He points out that even in a year of a global pandemic, SLP’s delivery precision has been almost 100% – 99,7% to be accurate.

 – If quality issues are encountered, they are immediately addressed, or action plans are implemented to improve the manufacturing process, Anderson describes.


“I would recommend SLP to any mobile equipment manufacturer looking for state-of-the-art engine hood, liquid reservoir, or complex steel thin-plate products.”

Alan Anderson,  Director of Procurement, Eco Log Group AB