Design with Performance – New brand and website launched


Welcome to our redesigned website. 

Over the years we at SLP have had a strong focus on developing our work. The flow efficiency of our production has been optimized and process-specific quality control confirmed. Our systematic operating model has laid a strong foundation for continuous improvement.

In the past six months, we have been digging deeper. In the past months, we have researched our operations and crystallized who we are, and what is important to us. We are willing to share more on our expertise, our operating model, and the value and the benefits we offer our clients. Our new brand is now taking its first steps.

Design with performance

For us, it’s all about the client and we strive for a first-class customer experience. Trust and the ability to react quickly are our trademarks. For us, the order confirmation is a promise, and we will stick to it.

Our work is built on seamless collaboration between humans and machines. Our skilled professionals create success over and over again with our up-to-date high-quality tools and equipment. In short, this is what we call “Design with Performance”.