“Quality is on a high level“ – SLP & Sandvik Mining in collaboration for more than a decade


SLP has been a contract manufacturer of Swedish-owned Sandvik Mining & Construction since early 2000.


– Cooperation has only improved over the years, SLP’s quality truly is on high level, says Sandvik’s sourcing engineer Patrick T. Karhu.

The Joensuu plant manufactures demanding sheet metal products from laser cuts to tanks and covers for Sandvik’s advanced mining and rock technology equipment.

– SLP has a drive for continuous improvement of their performance, so I expect nothing more than better results in the future. Of course, we see, price competition will intensify so there is always a challenge for improvement in this area, he adds.


“SLP has a drive for continuous improvement of their performance. This makes them a capable companion for the heavy metal industry.”

Patrick T. Karhu, SMC Drills Tampere, Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy

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